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Foods that may not be as healthy as they seem

Foods that may not be as healthy as they seem

There are foods that are eaten without any kind of prevention and are known to contain many antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, but they can accumulate as calories and fat if you are not careful.

Healthy foods in consumption and preventions

Gluten-free foods They attract all people without having a food allergy because they look healthier and these gluten-free foods often have more calories than if consumed with gluten. Cornstarch, potato flour, rice flour, que se utilizan para la preparación de alimentos sin gluten vienen siendo más altos en calorías. Son mejores los alimentos enteros como la quínoa o quinua.

CMM 05 1 - Alimentos que pueden no ser tan saludables como parecen

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Dried fruits traditionally they are reputed to be excellent diet supplements for nutrients and antioxidants containing, but often they have sugar and consumed in large quantity which helps the body accumulate calories

Protein bars They are healthy but without sugar and fat. They should be consumed when it is a very long race or are traveling, it is better to consume half of the bar or take an alternative drink containing 100% fewer calories and half the sugar and fat protein bar.

Delicious avocado we all like to consume and is a great food that reduces cholesterol levels, Cancer, diabetes and is excellent for hair and skin, but it is high in healthy fat, They are full of vitamins and minerals are high in calories and should be used sparingly.


the nuts también muchas veces se comen rápidamente y en abundancia e igualmente que el aguacate están llenas de grasas saludables para el corazón, that does not mean lean and contain many calories, you also need to consume moderately.

granola, the chocolate, nutritious waters, coffee with milk, capuchin and a series of They consume foods always so healthy often contain sugar and are not good for health when consumed in portions not recommended for diet, also when combinations like tuna salad with mayonnaise are made.


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